What Is A Medical Clearance Exam & Why Do You Need One?

You or a loved one has been instructed to get a Medical Clearance Exam and you’re wondering why, and what to expect. If you haven’t been required to get amedical clearance recently, it likely won’t be long before you are, as these exams are incredibly common and required by many programs, sport leagues, and institutions before admission can be secured. If you aremedical clearancecleared healthy enough to participate in the activity you desire, a doctor will provide written permission and the medical clearance necessary to move forward. In simplicity, a medical clearance is your opportunity to ensure you are healthy enough to participate in any given activity, job, etc.

Why Do I Need Medical Clearance?

When required to get a medical clearance you might feel annoyed—another appointment you have to make and attend. Although, since a medical clearance exam is basically a physical exam, you should take it as an opportunity to learn how healthy you really are. The key to preventing a life threatening illness is to catch it before it gets too far progressed; a medical exam can provide an early warning that might save your life. Medical clearances are standard procedure required for a number of different situations. Often people need to get a medical clearance in order to play a sport, attend a certain school, or start a new job. Most kid-friendly sport leagues, both independent and school-related, will require a medical clearance exam to prevent unexpected injury due to an underlying condition that has not been addressed. Grown adults are not exempt from these requirements; many fitness programs, jobs, and adult sport leagues also require medical clearance exams. More About Clearance Exams

Medical clearances are often necessary before a surgery; this is often the case with orthopedic surgery. Both you and your surgeon want to make sure nothing unexpected goes wrong during surgery, and one of the best ways to do so is to make sure you have no underlying health issues. Surgery causes a great deal of stress on the body, it’s important that you make sure your body can withstand related trauma before it’s too late. A routine medical clearance will give you peace of mind, and the appropriate paperwork you need so that you can safely undergo surgery.

Take advantage of this opportunity to take some time out for your health. A doctor is going to examine you from head to toe, and really make sure that you are healthy enough to play a certain sport, or start your new job. While you might only be after the slip of approval, take the medical advice to heart, your health is worth it.

What Can I Expect At My Medical Clearance Exam?

Your medical clearance exam is going to feel very similar to a regular physical exam. Your weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and basic vitals will all be thoroughly observed and recorded to make sure everything is working properly. You can expect your doctor to ask you questions about any known allergies, family illnesses, or personal concerns—this is your chance to bring up that strange lump near your wrist, or that headache at 3:00 pm you routinely incur. Be prepared; know what you want to ask so that you can make the most of your appointment.

Your exam will be tailored to the specific needs of the job, sport, or whatever reason you need medical clearance for, although these are some common fundamentals a doctor will likely check.

  • Your doctor might check your abdomen for proper shape, and any inflammation. They will also listen for any unusual bowel sounds. The stomach is an important area, if you experience a lot of bowel sensitivity that might exceed normal, discuss this with your doctor.
  • Your doctor will likely preform some extent of a neurological examination, just to ensure your muscles, reflexes, nerves, and other limb functions are properly working.
  • Your joints may also be checked for any abnormalities.
  • Your doctor will also want to look inside of your mouth; gums and teeth are interconnected with your overall health, even the appearance of your teeth can be extremely telling. From this angle your doctor can also easily check your tonsils and throat for any inflammation, or questionable concerns.
  • Your doctor will also address any current or potential health problems, providing you with follow up care instructions if necessary. You won’t be summoned back at a later date to receive advice; this check-up will prove valuable to the preservation of your health starting today.

At Urgent Medical Center we provide reliable Medical Clearance Exams for sports, jobs, surgeries, and anything else. Allow us to help keep you healthy and safe, schedule an appointment, or stop by our convenient location anytime for a medical clearance exam.

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