Using Urgent Care Centers When You’ve Lost Your Health Insurance

While most people have some form of health insurance, the sad truth is there are still too many without coverage. Whether you are between jobs or have lost your health insurance for another reason, there is little doubt that a sudden onset illness or injury can result in both a financial burden and an emotional weight.

If you’ve fallen ill or been injured recently, you know very well how much Health Insurance helps. And while benefits of various health insurance plans differ greatly, it still helps to have insurance. Medical costs continue to rise, and if you find yourself without health insurance, where can you turn if you have health concerns from an injury or illness or need your prescriptions or ongoing treatment? Well, before you start to worry, there are options available to you, to help you with the loss of insurance and to get the care you or your loved one needs.

Insurance Solutions

According to an article published by SingleCare, a newly embraced solution which works well for those in between coverage, are short term insurance plans. These plans began as an option of the Affordable Care Act and were originally only three months in length, but new legislation has extended the terms to go up to 364 days and with the proper paper work even longer. They are also affordable and deliver coverage that is personalized to each individual or family, plus they don’t require you to wait for an open enrollment period, meaning you can sign up anytime.

Supplemental health insurance or gap insurance is another option. They are affordable but tend to be particular only taking effect in the event of a health care crisis, and act as a supplement to your existing plan. The good news is they can also help when you are uninsured especially with specific ongoing health issues.

If you are out of work temporarily and need insurance in between, you can purchase coverage from your former employer for 18 to 36 months through COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1996). This can be a good option for those who are simply between jobs waiting for new health insurance coverage to kick in at the new employer.

Savings Programs

If purchasing a plan is out of the question at the moment, you can utilize discount programs which can help you get medication, care, and even dental work. These plans are savings programs run by local, state, and national organizations to help you save on prescriptions (up to 80 percent), dental care (cleanings and care), and more – helping you to offset the cost of care when you are without insurance.


Most Americans shop for the best prices on virtually everything, but often overlook that option when it comes to healthcare. Shopping around for physicians or urgent care centers can help you afford the needed care. Visiting a physician or urgent care facility is considerably less expensive than heading to the emergency room. Asking the facility or pharmacy you are visiting for a cash discount can also yield much needed financial savings. Don’t be afraid to request a payment plan, as many practices will offer one without interest as long you keep up the regular monthly payments.

Urgent Care Solutions

When you need assistance right away because of an unexpected illness or injury, your local urgent care center is a great option, even if you are without insurance. Certainly urgent care centers hope everyone, including you, has access to the proper insurance, but they also know there are times when you won’t.

Generally, urgent care facilities will cost less than half of a visit to the local hospital emergency room. On top of that, many urgent cares offer discounts for those who are paying out of pocket and have no health insurance coverage. Some Urgent Care Centers also provide printable coupons to use when you visit them for needed medical attention. Most also list their fees directly on their website, so you will know the self-pay costs when you don’t have insurance – before you arrive.

At an Urgent Care Center, you won’t need an appointment, and they have physicians, PAs (physician assistants), and nurse practitioners ready to see you, treat you, and get you feeling better fast, whether or not you have insurance. These professionals are ready to devote the time needed for your injury or illness, caring for you as an individual, and not solely concerned about your ability to pay for necessary treatment. In most cases, your local Urgent Care Facility will also work with you if you are having financial difficulties.

When you are without insurance, for whatever reason, your local Urgent Care Center is ready to help with the needed care for unexpected injuries or illnesses.

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