Summer 2017 Florida Influenza Report

Summer 2017 Florida Influenza ReportThe Florida Flu Report published by The Florida Health Department highlights current influenza trends within our state, here are some interesting facts regarding flu trends in summer 2017.

Influenza, better known simply as the “flu,” is a respiratory infection caused by one of many flu viruses that vary slightly each year. The flu is a general term tossed around to define a variety of illnesses, from throwing up to a stuffy nose. Technically, the “flu” is influenza, an upper respiratory disease caused by the influenza virus.

According to The Florida Health Department, anywhere from 15% to 40% of the population is infected with influenza every single year. Around 36,000 Americans die from influenza each year, and 114,000 are hospitalized because of their illness. People of any age can experience complications from the flu, although they most commonly impact seniors with chronic health issues and very young children.

The Florida Flu Report 

The Florida Flu Report published by The Florida Health Department highlights current influenza trends within our state.

As of June 2017:

-Influenza remained low in Florida, which is normal for this time of year.

-Since the start of the 2016-17 influenza season there have been 155 outbreaks of influenza B.

-In week 23 (June 4-17), there were an increased number of deaths from pneumonia and influenza during “week 23” or between June 4 and June 17. This is normal in comparison to data from last year.

-Also in week 23, one child with no underlying health condition was diagnosed with influenza A using rapid antigen testing. The child, who did not receive vaccinations for the 2016-17 influenza season, passed away from flu-related complications.

-Since the start of the 2016-17 influenza season, there have been 11 influenza-associated pediatric deaths. “Annual vaccination remains the best way to protect children against influenza,” experts advise on

-Dog lovers will be interested to know, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services received reports from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine stating 7 confirmed cases of canine influenza A (H3N2) linked to Florida dogs. Canine influenza is highly contagious between dogs, but rest assured, it is not spread between dogs and humans.

-So far in 2017, no avian influenza has been noted in Florida’s bird or human populations. Other states have identified several strains of avian influenza in chickens and turkeys, including Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

-According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an antigenically drifted influenza B Victoria lineage strain is currently circulating the US. It is unique from the strain of influenza B Victoria lineage included in the current 2016-17 flu vaccination. This strain also differs from the strain of influenza B Victoria lineage included in the 2017-18 vaccination formulas.

When Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

The CDC recommends getting the flu vaccine to prevent illness. You can still get the flu even if you are vaccinated, but chances are your symptoms will be less severe and clear up faster. It takes around 2-weeks after receiving the vaccination for the antibodies to kick in.

The best time to get a flu shot is before influenza season kicks off, in early fall before the end of October. You can still get the flu vaccine any time of year when the flu is going around. Call us ahead of time and if we have it in stock, we can get you vaccinated as soon as today.

Do You Need to Get the Flu Vaccine Every Year?

You need to get the flu vaccine every year for it to remain effective. For one, your body’s immune reaction can decline over time, and two, flu viruses change year to year and you’ll need the most updated version to stay protected.

The flu vaccine is reliable, but its actual effectiveness varies slightly. Your age, health or underlying conditions can alter results, as well as the content of the current vaccine in comparison to active strains of the flu going around.

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