What you Need to Know About Your Pharmacist

While most people basically know what a pharmacist does, most pharmacists want patients to know more. Everyone has seen their pharmacists standing behind the counter filling prescriptions, but pharmacists can and do much more to help their patients. You may find your neighborhood pharmacist in a locally owned pharmacy, your favorite grocery store, a chain store, or a big box retailer. Wherever you visit your pharmacist, here are the items you need to know.

Your Pharmacist May Be Concentrating, but He or She is NOT Ignoring You

While you often see your pharmacist, head down, focused on the task at hand, the truth is he or she is not ignoring you. Every task your pharmacist performs while preparing medications is to keep you and your fellow patients safe. A small mistake can mean real trouble when medication is involved, so most pharmacists work this way to avoid being distracted. The truth is, if you have a question, your pharmacist will be happy to help you, all you have to do is ask.  If you have a number of questions, you may want to choose a time when the pharmacy is not extremely busy, so your pharmacists will have time to help you and his or her other patients as well.

Your Pharmacist Can Help You Determine the Type of Medical Professional You Need.

People often stop in their pharmacy with questions about whether they should go to the Emergency Room, go to their general practitioner, or see a specialist. Your pharmacist can help you decide what step to take and who you should see to help you with your health issues. Additionally, many pharmacists can help you with general questions about nutrition, vitamins, herbals, and other dietary supplements, as well as general wellness issues.

You and Your Health and Safety are a Priority for Your Pharmacist

When you hand your pharmacist a new prescription or your doctor’s office sends one over, your pharmacist verifies lots of information to ensure the medication is safe for you, is appropriate, and won’t interact negatively with your other medications. In addition, he or she will determine if a dose may be too low or too high for you and verify your insurance coverage for the medication specified. The pharmacist or pharmacy staff will also ask questions to confirm your identity so that you get the prescription intended for you. After all, there is more than one John Smith, Mary Brown, and Sue Jones and your pharmacist wants to make sure you get right medication every time.

You Aren’t the Only One Frustrated with Insurance Companies

There are often times when you get frustrated with your insurance company, rest assured, you are not alone. Your pharmacist wants to get you the medications your doctor has prescribed, but sometimes your insurance company doesn’t cover that particular medication. It creates a challenge as the pharmacists must work through the issue to see that you are cared for properly. These insurance issues mean less time for the pharmacist to help patients, meaning you have to wait longer to get your medication.

Your Pharmacist Cannot Diagnose Your Medical Issue

Your pharmacist cannot diagnose your medical problem, that is up to your doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. Once you are diagnosed, your pharmacist stands ready to recommend treatment for you and help ensure that you get the medication you need to treat your condition and live your best life.


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