What Do You Need to Bring to Your Green Card Medical Exam?

What Do You Need to Bring to Your Green Card Medical Exam?As a proud provider of green card medical exams in Davie and Plantation, FL. we know a thing or two about what to expect at your appointment. Passing your green card medical exam starts with bringing the proper forms and medical records to your appointment.   

Green card medical examinations remain an important part of most I-485 (adjustment of status) applications and requests for nonimmigrant status. A USCIS designated civil surgeon most complete the medical examination for it to be considered valid.

The results of your exam are recorded on a special form (Form I-693). The results are confidential and used strictly for immigration purposes. The medical exam remains valid for one year prior to filling the I-485. Medical examinations remain valid for as long as the I-485 is pending.

What to Bring to Your Green Card Medical Exam:

  • A record of all previous vaccinations you have had.
  • All medical records you have access to, especially if you have a certain condition that requires special education, supervision or support.
  • All applicants for adjustment of status need a copy of Form I-693
  • If you’ve had a positive TB skin test, you need a report from your doctor detailing the circumstances, treatment, and duration. Anyone with TB must present detailed confirmation of treatment, duration, etc. You may also need films from your last chest X-ray.
  • If you’ve ever tested positive for syphilis, you need a written report signed by a doctor or public health official that states you were treated.
  • If you’ve been hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness, including drug or alcohol abuse, you’ll need a written report detailing your diagnoses, treatment details and overall outlook.
  • If you have a chronic medical condition, you may need to provide detailed information about medications you are taking, treatment, outlook, etc.

Who Is Required to Undergo a Green Card Examination?

Immigrant visa applicants and anyone applying for adjustment of status must undergo a medical exam and vaccination assessment. K and V nonimmigrant visa applicants are required to undergo the medical exam but they do not have to undergo a vaccination assessment at the same time. If you later apply for adjustment of status, vaccination requirements will be enforced. You do not need to undergo another medical exam at this time if you applied for adjustment of status within 1 year of your last available medical records.

Refugees are required to undergo a medical exam but they do not have to comply with vaccination assessments right away. Refugee adjustment applications do not have to repeat qualified medical exams performed overseas.

Asylees, people already living in the US applying for asylum, do not have to undergo the medical exam. Yet, asylees applying for adjustment of status must undergo a medical exam and vaccination assessment.

What Happens at a Green Card Medical Exam?

A typical green card examination includes a full physical where your overall health (both mental and physical) is assessed. Some things you can expect to happen include:

  • A full physical examination is mandatory for all applicants and includes checking your blood pressure, vital signs, ears, eyes, etc.
  • TB skin tests are required for all applicants over the age of 2. Applicants that are less than 2 may require a TB test if it is suspected that they have TB. The results of the TB test are available within a few days, at which point you’ll receive your results. As long as your reaction measures 4 mm or less, you do not have to undergo any additional testing for TB. All pregnant applicants or applicants that measure over 5 mm require a chest x-ray. If it is suspected you have TB, you may need to visit your local health department to undergo more tests. Applicants diagnosed with Class A TB are required to undergo a full round of TB treatment before they can obtain medical clearance by the USCIS.
  • A blood test is given to applicants 15 and over to check for HIV, AIDS, and syphilis.
  • Certain applicants require a vaccination assessment and must undergo necessary vaccines.

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