The Most Common Reasons Patients Visit Urgent Care Vs. The Emergency Room

The Most Common Reasons Patients Visit Urgent Care Vs. The Emergency RoomThe most common reasons people go to urgent care are for upper respiratory conditions, minor to moderate wounds and injuries, and asthma. The most common reasons people visit the emergency room are for abdominal pain, respiratory infections, and injuries. A lot of people go to the ER when they could actually save time and money by heading to urgent care instead.

Urgent care generally offers shorter wait times and is more affordable. Emergency room costs are exuberant because hospital resources are meant to deal with only the most serious cases, including injuries or illnesses that are limb or life threatening.

Primary care doctors handle approximately 45% of all medical visits that require immediate attention.  Primary care doctors don’t usually offer extended late hours or weekend appointments, plus doctors are busy and it can take weeks to secure an appointment. That’s why 55% of medical visits requiring immediate attention are directed to urgent care centers and emergency rooms.

Should I Go To Urgent Care Or The Emergency Room?

48% of people that went to the ER but were not admitted to the hospital were there because their normal doctor was not open at that time. Urgent Care has extended hours, so before going to the ER check to see if an urgent care near you is open.

Any time you can go to urgent care instead of the emergency room you should do so. Otherwise, you’re going to end up spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars more in medical expenses, even with insurance. If your life or limbs are in immediate danger, you should go to the ER. On the other hand, if you’re in no danger of death or losing limbs, urgent care can more than likely handle all of your needs.

Signs You Should Go To The Emergency Room

-Severe chest pain, especially if it reaches up into your arm or jaw, causes sweating, shortness of breath, or vomiting.

-You feel very clammy and unbalanced on your feet.

-You are unable to move and/or feel one side of your face or body.

-Any illnesses, fevers, etc. involving newborn babies

-You think you have broken bones

-You’ve been seriously burned

-You experienced seizures without a previous epilepsy diagnoses.

-You have serious injuries to the head or eyes.

-You have a high fever accompanied by a rash.

Signs You Should Go To Urgent Care

If your injuries are not life or limb threatening but they are serious enough to warrant medical attention as soon as possible, head on over to your local Urgent Medical Center.

-Fever that is not accompanied by a rash

-Pain in the ears

-Pain when urinating

-Sore throat

-Vomiting, diarrhea, any signs of a cold or flu

-A minor injury, such as a sprain or cut that isn’t too deep

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