Can You Go To Urgent Care For Physicals?

Can You Go To Urgent Care For Physicals?Yes! You can go to Urgent Medical Center for physicals of all types, including sports physicals, camp physicals, employment physicals, DOT physicals, immigration exams, and so forth.

We strive to provide fast service, getting you in and out as quick as possible. The best part of all is that you don’t even need an appointment. We always welcome walk-ins, but you can reduce your wait time by scheduling a same-day or later-date appointment online.

Proof of physicals are usually required by a certain date in order to participate in a sport, start a new job, enroll in school or partake in a physical training program—just to name a few examples. Your regular doctor has a busy schedule, and sometimes it can take over a week to get an appointment. A week might be too long to wait, in which case we provide a fast and easy solution to securing a physical that same day.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

We will not turn you away if you do not have health insurance. You will have to pay the entire bill out of pocket, but you will receive the same first-class service we are known for.

Types Of Physicals Offered At Urgent Medical Center

Sports Physicals

In order to play sports on a school league or for a recreational team, you will likely need a sports physical. This type of physical ensures you are healthy enough to participate in the sport without risk to your overall health and wellbeing. This is an important safety precaution, hence why so many different organizations require a sports physical in order to play.

Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physicals are conducted on individuals applying for certain types of jobs. This type of physical checks you over to see if you are physically and mentally fit to serve a certain position. They help companies determine if you have the physical capabilities necessary to perform the duties associated with a certain job.

School Physicals

Most school districts require students undergo a school physical. The results of which must be turned in before a student can enroll. This helps safeguard kids by keeping the entire student body healthy, and making sure kids are up to date on important vaccinations. It also ensures they are healthy enough for school.

Immigration Exam

Immigration exams are required for people trying to apply for permanent US residency, an immigrant visa via an American consulate overseas or a green card through adjustment of status in the US. This type of exam is also required for persons applying for a fiancé visa. The medical examination includes a complete panel of tests geared at assessing your overall health status. You may also be required to pass a drug test. 

DOT Physicals

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires the majority of commercial drivers to complete a physical before they can receive their CDL. CMV drivers are required to pass a drug test. The examination process also makes sure that you are healthy enough to safely operate vehicles without presenting risk to you or others out on the roads.

Camp Physicals

Some camps require a physical before granting attendance, known as camp physicals or pre-participation physicals. This helps keep all campers safe from certain illnesses.  It also helps make sure that campers are physically able to keep up with camp activities without incurring injury or illness.

College Physicals

Prior to attending university, most campuses require students to undergo a college physical. Even if your college does not require one, it’s still beneficial to get one. This gives you the perfect opportunity to check your overall health status and proactively address any issues that come up in your results.

Police Academy & Fire Academy Physicals

The fire academy and police academy are rigorous programs. Participants must be physically healthy enough to participate. In order to ensure your overall health and physical mobility, a thorough examination is required. 

EMT Physicals

Before becoming an EMT, you’ll need to undergo a full physical exam. There’s a lot of heavy lifting and other strenuous and stress-based tasks EMT’s deal with on a daily basis.  A physical ensures you are ready for all of the challenges ahead.

Pre Op Exams

Before undergoing any type of non-emergency surgery your surgeon will likely require you to undergo a physical or pre-op exam. Otherwise, you could go under the knife only for doctors to realize you have an underlying condition that impacts the overall success of the surgery, or even risks your life.

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