Benefits of Receiving the Botox Procedure

Benefits of Botox

Curious about the Botox procedure and all it can do for you? The non-invasive Botox procedure can take years off your face without the risks or costs of a face-lift.  Crow’s feet got you down? What about those lines on your forehead? Unfortunately, a full-face lift can cost as much as a fancy luxury automobile, plus it’s incredibly invasive and if things don’t turn out just how you want, well this is your face we are talking about. This is why so many women and men are now turning to botox procedureBotox for a safer and more affordable way to turn back the clock and preserve their youthful features. In fact, in 2012, 13 million Americans received Botox treatments, and this number is only growing as Botox becomes more mainstream. Is a Botox procedure right for you?

How The Botox Procedure Works

Have you ever watched yourself talk in the mirror? Some of us are more expressive than others, but with every new expression, word, or even emotion our faces crease into a number of new lines. Over time these lines become permanent creases folded into our skin. That’s why Botox works so well, it fills in these lines but at the same time it also freezes the muscles so that the wrinkles can’t continue to deepen. You can try on your own to keep your brows from scrunching together, if you are successful you will be actively fighting off wrinkles, but this is easier said than done. Without the help of Botox, it’s incredibly difficult to stop your face’s natural movements.

The simplest way to explain the Botox procedure is that it is a Botulinum toxin that freezes the muscles in your face. Normally, nerves send signals to muscles, causing them to release a chemical called acetylcholine; this chemical then binds onto the muscle to spur a contraction. When Botox is injected into an area, the acetylcholine can’t bond to the muscle, restricting the contraction from taking place. The muscle is never given the signal to move, as if it is temporally paralyzed. The human body is resilient though, and it will eventually find new receptors to connect and communicate through, at which point the Botox will slowly wear off. Once Botox wears off, full function should return without problems, although most won’t want it to, having gotten used to a wrinkle free complexion. Learn More

Reasons People Get Botox Procedure Done

The Botox procedure is a temporary treatment for wrinkles that typically lasts anywhere from 3- 6 months, varying from face to face.
Some popular reasons people seek Botox injections include (but are far from limited to):

  • Wrinkle reduction and prevention
  • Lift smile
  • Create more prominent cheekbones for a youthful look
  • Reduction of smoker’s lines
  • Reduce “pin-cushion” chin
  • Fill in neck wrinkles
  • Brow Lift

No matter what you are interested in having fixed, Botox can potentially help. Talk to a South Florida Urgent Medical Center doctor to see how Botox can keep you looking younger without taking anything away from your natural beauty. Discover more about Botox!

Does Botox Hurt?

The Botox procedure involves a very thin needle injecting multiple areas of your face, causing many to wonder if it is painful. Ultimately the Botox procedure is not very painful for most patients, some describe it as slightly uncomfortable, and others hardly feel a thing at all. For concerned patients, an anesthetic facile cream can be applied beforehand to numb the skin. Bruising from the injections can occur, along with facial sensitivity for 1-2 weeks (at the very longest) post-procedure. Once your face has fully healed you should feel completely normal, and should not experience any pain.

Who is Getting Botox?

People of all ages regularly get Botox procedure performed to both prevent and treat wrinkles and fine lines. From 2011-2012 the number of young Americans (20-29) getting Botox jumped up 8%, although the majority of people (58%) getting Botox injections are 40-54 years old. No matter your age, Botox is an art form that needs to be professionally done to avoid looking overly tight, uncomfortable, lacking expression, or causing injury. To achieve the best results, Botox injection methods should be personalized based on your own wants, features and facial muscle mass.

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