6 Common Causes Of Stomach Pain

Causes of Stomach Pain6 Common Causes Of Stomach Pain

One minute you feel fine and the next, not so much. A stomachache can form fast and hit with the force of a swift punch to the gut. Sometimes your stomach pain is tolerable, other times it’s terrible and drags on. Each stomachache is unique, because your body is relaying a different message about what is wrong. Your stomach carries many vital organs, meaning an achy tummy can be caused by a lot of different issues.

Common causes of stomach pain have to do with viral or bacterial infections. When your body recognizes there is an infection inside of your digestive system, it is going to try and remove it through diarrhea or vomiting, two common symptoms that often come along with a stomachache. Both viral and bacterial stomachaches can easily be spread from person to person, but not all stomachaches originate through contact with infected individuals. There are lots of reasons your stomach might be hurting, here are 6 reasons people commonly experience stomach pain.

1. A Diet Your Stomach Does Not Appreciate

In order for all parts of your body to work correctly you have to consume the right dietary nutrients. If your diet does not include enough fluids or fiber your insides are going to dry up, causing constipation and ultimately belly pain. If you eat too many bad things, like foods rich in fats or heavy in dairy, you can also upset your stomach.

It’s not just food that can impact your stomach. You should really keep track of everything you consume, including gum. A 2008 study found that people chewing 16+ sticks of gum each day are at risk for stomach pain, along with excessive diarrhea.  This is due to the ingredient sorbitol, which is found in sugarless gum, and many other sugar-free products.

While some people can handle gluten or lactose products no problem, that doesn’t mean that you can. If you are frequently burdened by belly pain, start keeping track of what you eat and when you experience stomach pain, this can help you track down your trigger foods.

2. Side Effects From Medications

A Mayo Clinic study finds around 70% of Americans take some type of medication. Not all medications list stomach pain as a potential side effect, but yours might.

A popular drug used to treat osteoporosis, oral bisphosphonates, is known to cause stomach swelling and pain. NSAIDs, including Ibuprofen and aspirin, are another potential cause of stomach pain. If you are taking a medication that might be causing your stomach pain you want to discus this with your doctor in order to prevent any serious damage from forming.

3. Parasites In The Water

You don’t have to live out in the jungle to come into contact with contaminated water. There are parasites living in US water, the most common are Giardia and Cryptosporidium. If you swim in, or drink water that contains these parasites you are at risk for infection. Symptoms of parasites can take days or weeks to surface, they typically cause cramping, diarrhea, and nausea.

4. Appendicitis

The pain associated with appendicitis is dreadful, so bad that many go straight to the emergency room. The pain starts around the center of your stomach before working down into the lower right side of your abdomen. If you think you are experiencing appendicitis you want to go to the emergency room immediately. If left untreated your appendix could rupture in your body causing serious, and even fatal, consequences.

5. Overwhelming Amounts Of Stress

When you get anxious for a big presentation, you get butterflies in your tummy. When you rocket along the tracks of a rollercoaster, your stomach drops. And when you are under a lot of stress, your stomach can physically hurt. Your gut is deeply intertwined with your nervous system, what you are thinking does impact how your stomach is feeling, and reacting. Lab tests show exposure to stress increases the amount of bacteria in the stomach, making one more susceptible to pathogens.

6. Gallstones In Your Gallbladder

The gallbladder is located just outside the lower region of the liver, it is a small sac that processes fats and rids them of bile. If gallstones form inside of your gallbladder this can cause pain near the upper right side of your stomach. If you are suffering from gallstones, a common time you may notice your stomach pain is right after a fatty meal.

When Should You Visit Urgent Care For Your Stomach Pain?

There are many causes of stomach pain, some more urgent than others. Stomach pain isn’t fun, but it is important. Without it, your body would not be able to communicate with you about a problem until it was too late. Don’t ignore the pain your body is relaying to your brain, your stomachache might be an indication you need medical attention.

If your stomach hurts, visit Urgent Medical Center for answers and relief.

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