Easy Tips for a Healthier Life

A healthier life is in reach! In fact, the power to positively influence your health and well-being is in your hands. It is found in the lifestyle and eating choices you make, no matter your genetic susceptibilities. Deciding how you eat, what chemicals you expose your body to, your beliefs, how to handle stress, and those you look to for support all have the ability to contribute to your health and life. Here are some easy and practical tips to help you make the changes needed to live a healthier life.

Start with Food, Real Food

Simple stated, you need to consume real food, that is fresh, delicious whole foods. Whole, quality foods nourish and heal your body. This, of course, means avoiding packaged and processed ‘foods’ which feature irritants that can cause harm to your body. Foods to focus on include fruits (fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices), vegetables (fresh or frozen, organic, and non-GMO), animal protein (organic eggs, free range eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, grass fed beef, wild game), fish (shellfish, wild salmon, trout, black cod, sardines, anchovies, and other wild fish), and non-gluten grains (brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, oats, millet, brown rice pasta, chickpea pasta, lentil pasta, buckwheat), beans, legumes, nuts and seeds (raw, unsalted), dairy and dairy substitutes (rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, raw milk cheese, sheep milk products, goats milk products, plain yogurt and butter from grass fed cows), essentially any food in its purest, most natural state.  By eating organic, you avoid chemicals and pesticides. When you eat the ‘rainbow’ – fruits and vegetables of every color – you gain the nutrients need for optimum health. When choosing animal proteins, you should avoid factory-farmed meat and the hormones that go with them.

Reduce Toxins

By changing your eating habits to clean eating, you have already reduced the toxins in your life. You can reduce them further by cleaning your house with chemical-free cleaners and choosing personal care products without toxins and chemicals. Because environmental contaminants are everywhere, adding natural supplements can help reduce the effects of these toxins and the stress they put on your body. Supplements can also help you complement your new healthy diet with needed nutrients.

Manage Stress

Stress takes its toll on your body and mind. To lower your stress levels, step one is to avoid your known triggers. While this isn’t always possible, making time for yourself daily in a quiet, restorative environment can help (meditation, prayer, yoga). Another great way to relieve stress is to exercise – quite simply move! Staying active, though an activity you enjoy, is a great stress reliever. Walking, Yoga, Gardening, Dancing, Swimming, Tai Chi, Running, and Dancing are all ways to reduce your stress level when incorporating into your life every day. Hobbies can also help you with stress management, so take time for yourself each day to enjoy your favorite hobbies, whatever they are. When stress overtakes you, take a break, slow down, allow yourself to relax, and practice deep breathing for a few minutes until you feel your stress melt away. And always keep your connection with friends and family, who help you find meaning in your life. If you feel, you still need help in controlling your stress levels, find a trusted friend, mentor, or professional counselor and talk about your problems, getting the help you need to overcome your stress.

Sleep Matters

Scientist and researches continue to discover the importance of quality sleep. Every night, you need seven to eight hours or more of rest-filled sleep. Lack of adequate, quality sleep can cause problems for body and mind. Studies reveal the body’s downtime during sleep is when the body refreshes and repairs muscles, regulates hormones, processes thoughts and memories, and much more.

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